Frequently asked questions

1 - What is dronabase?

It's a database about drones, where users can add information about their drones and the equipment they use.
With that data, we'll provide statistics that many pilots are curious about, e.g.:
- What is the most popular drone for aerial photography?
- How many racing quadcopters use the same motors I have on mine?
- Are there any other drones in my city?

2 - How much will I have to pay to use dronabase?

£0.00, €0.00 or $0.00 – it depends on your currency.
This is the total cost to register and to add or edit your drones, equipment or events.

3 - Is dronabase related to the FAA, CAA or any similar organization?

This is just a lovely database for drone lovers created by drone lovers. There's a lot of love over here.

4 - You don't have enough parts on your lists. When will you add more?

You can add new parts once you've registered.
We try to add new parts all the time, but with our limited resources, it's very difficult to add new parts and develop new features at the same time. Therefore if you could help us by adding new parts, we'd really appreciate it.

5 - I'm not the manufacturer nor the seller of a drone part. Can I edit its details?

If any information in dronabase appears wrong or incomplete, please feel free to edit or update it.

6 - What does FPV, RTF, BNF and RC mean?

FPV - First Person View
RTF - Ready to Fly
BNF - Bind and Fly
RC - Radio Controlled
If you don't understand any other abreviation, feel free to ask using the form below.

7 - I want to ask a different question/suggest an improvement. How can I contact you?

You can submit your question or suggestion using this form:

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